Business growth and results oriented team with a proven track record

Rockit Digital is an agency in Sydney specialising in Digital Marketing Strategies, SEO, Website design & UX, Web Development and Web Applications.

We’re business people too, so we understand what’s important and what’s not. No fluff, no bullsh!t.

Your time is valuable. You don’t have time to waste on what’s not going to work nor the time to hold an amateur’s hand through trial and error. You need to know what works for your business right now because the cost of getting it wrong, being late or missing the mark even the slightest will be catastrophic.

If you’re looking for a team who actually knows their stuff (with proof to back it up) and success to come quicker with less risk, less stress and more certainty, then we are the perfect fit.

Our expertise spans across a range of disciplines. This is why CEOs, leaders and business owners trust us with their problems as we’re able to think holistically and get the job done without compromise.

Brian Wu

Co-Founder & Head of Strategy

What’s keeping you up at night and holding you back right now?

Plug a high performance team to deliver immediately for your project or your business.

Got a brief but can’t find the right team?

We’ve got the 10,000 hours behind our backs to deliver the outcome and quality you need. Reach the goal quicker with more confidence and less risk.

Don’t know how to bring an idea to life?

From fleshing out ideas to strategy to implementation, our team has supported entrepreneurs & startups to corporations with bringing their idea to life.

Not getting the results you’re looking for?

Before we commence any work, we’ll begin with a comprehensive audit of your existing strategy or project. Sometimes it may only be a small tweak that’s needed.

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Project Categories

Our Capabilities

What kind of expertise are you looking for?

Web & Web App Development

Bring business and creative ideas to life, achieve business outcomes or solve business problems with custom and responsive solutions on the web.

Web Design & UX

Win your prospect’s first impressions and keep them hooked on your website or web application that was designed with them front of mind.

Digital Marketing for Small Business

Gain market share from competitors, explode your business with leads or grow your email list with proven and creative strategies,

Search Engine Optimisation

Show up on Page 1 of Google for keywords that really matter for your business attract users with serious buying intent. We help you win the long game against Google Ads.

Are you an NDIS provider in Australia?

Our team’s been delivering results for providers for the past 3 years and ongoing. We’re familiar with the industry, language around it and strategies to succeed.

Are you looking for a specific kind of expertise not listed here or just not sure what your business needs?

Frequently asked questions

At Rockit Digital, we’re able to support with Web Development for both websites and web applications, Website and UX Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Lead Generation strategies.

In addition to that we are also particularly experienced in marketing and supporting NDIS providers.

An initial phone call makes sense to get to know each other. If we’re being frank, we won’t know for certain until we actually work together where you can see how we work and we get an insight into who you’re like as a client. Apart from a call, we recommend to start with a small task where possible. See the difference for yourself.

Absolutely. We work with clients all across Australia and some international as well. We love Microsoft Teams!

We recommend an initial phone call to get to know your business, goals or problems and also to get to know each other. If you need us to sign an NDA before our call, we can send one over.

Yes, we work with both. We currently support many marketing teams on brand side. We’re flexible and many treat us as an extension of their in-house team.

Great question! You can read more about our case studies, our process, our team and our expertise to learn more.

But if we had to summarise it into two main things. First, we care, which shows through in the way we work. Second, we’re critical, practical and use common sense, which means we don’t overcomplicate when its not necessary and tell you things just the way it is. If you like our style of working, let’s chat.

Contact us for a confidential and no obligation strategy chat.

We may find the solution to the problem that’s been on your mind for months in a 10 minute call. In the scenario where we may not be a good fit, we will tell it to you straight and early because we respect your time.