About Rockit Digital

Agile and reliable team obsessed with quality. No fluff and no bullsh!t.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of creatives, strategists, thinkers and in some cases end users. Each of us comes from different walks of life with some across the world (working remotely). We enjoy leveraging each other’s unique perspectives and experiences to creativity and critically solve client problems. Pride drives us and we deeply enjoy witnessing the success our clients achieve while knowing that our work contributed to the outcome.

How It All Started

A story about passion and pushing boundaries

Founded by Brian Wu and Matthew Fong, Rockit Digital 4 year story (and counting) about great minds connecting.

Prior to Rockit Digital, Brian was a website and digital marketing freelancer for small businesses and also worked at one of the industry’s largest agencies on brands such as KFC.

As a self starter and having always been described as a “wall-breaker” by colleagues, Brian saw a gap in the market where his diverse and complimentary experience with SMEs and large companies could fill and took the step to start Rockit Digital.

The company was started with Matthew who shared a passion for videography and photography. To keep Rockit Digital’s value proposition clear, in 2023 Matthew branched out to run PRIME Studios – a creative production agency based in Melbourne and Sydney.

Fast forward to today, we are incredibly thankful and proud to have gained the trust of so many entrepreneurs, business owners  and enterprises from many various industries.

We endeavour to continue creating great work that delivers real impact. Our philosophy is very simple, no bullshit, do great work and let the work speak for itself.

Our promise to you and ourselves

5 things you should know before working with us

Not just words we put on a wall, we live and breath this.


Quality and improvements take priority. If it can be better, we will say it and push for it and do what it takes.


Common sense and critical thinking is the backbone of any decisions we make. It means that we explain our rational and help you come to the same conclusion that we recommend.


“a team that just gets it and I can rely on” is one of the most common feedback we get from our clients. We value client’s trust in us dearly. As such, we hold ourselves highly accountable to the work that we deliver.


We are not shy to offer our perspective even if it challenges the brief and not afraid to go that extra mile for that better outcome.


We are specialised across our areas but we do know a bit of everything else to offer you a comprehensive perspective on a problem.