Bring ideas to life with custom website & web app development

Work with a development team that just “gets it”

Are you after a team you can actually rely on from start to finish to bring your website, landing page or web application to life?

Do you have a project that require in-depth technical expertise along with an impeccable level of care and attention to detail?

Our team of wizards has your back. Not only are we technically superb, we also understand customers, business, marketing and have strong common sense.

We are not shy to offer our perspective even if it challenges the brief and not afraid to go that extra mile for that better outcome.

website development

Solve real business outcomes

Our web development team are experienced with websites, custom features and web builds of any type. We have developed against a range of outcomes from websites for leads, e-commerce for sales, beautiful portfolio sites that showcase information, to applications that service a specific purpose such as subscriptions, learning portals, bookings and business processes.

Reliable, scalable platforms and solutions

We are well versed in regularly used front-end and back-end technologies. For front-end, our go-to CMS is WordPress combined with the use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ReactJS. For custom features not offered via a WordPress plugin, we’re equipped to build a plugin tailored to your project needs. For back-end, we work with PHP.

website development
website development

Make them go “WOW!”

Your first impression is usually your last impression. Our team of web, graphics and UX designers helps keep your customers hooked on your website. We also make sure it delivers against the intended goal, is intuitive to use, functionally flawless and responsive across all devices, especially on mobile.

How do we work?

Take a deep breath and relax knowing your project is backed by a robust and proven process.

Digging deeper

Our approach is like peeling an onion. We begin with asking why and really getting to know the company and the brief better before recommending a tech stack or strategy. What are you really trying to achieve? What are the root problems?

Leaving no stones unturned

Measure twice, cut once. Before designing and development. We consider how the end user will interact with your website or web application, how future proof it is to changes, how internal teams will manage it after delivery and much more.

Getting to work

Every project follows our 4 stage process of sampling, wireframe and design, development and quality assurance. What’s important is we you in loop at every step of the process. To learn more about the exact process, visit our Website Design page.

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Frequently asked questions

If none of these jargon make any sense to you, that’s totally okay. You don’t need to feel like you need to speak to us in some “developer language” as we’ll guide you through every step of the process and make it easy to understand for you. All you need to know is that we can help you develop the solution to bring your creative idea to life or solve your business problem.

For a typical project, our team covers design and development. If your team needs support with content, we can discuss whether this is feasible for us given your product, service or industry.


  • Design of all pages on a design board (Figma) for review before development. This includes Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi wireframes with prototyping if needed
  • Development on WordPress or the agreed CMS/tech stack and configure all features needed (such as contact forms, payment, ecommerce, integration with CRM, booking features and more)
  • Set up domain, hosting and any technical configurations.
  • If the project is a website, a training call afterwards recorded to show you how to make basic changes on the site such as textual changes and images



  • Content (both text and images) to use on the site. We will share a design with placeholder dummy text and images which, we will require you to fill in.

Website development timelines depends on scope and complexity. On average, a general WordPress site with basic website functionalities work off a 6-10 weeks timeline. More complex sites or a high volume of pages can take up to 15-20 weeks. Note that this timeline also factors in time needed for design, content, reviews on your end and revisions.

We prefer to work within WordPress combined with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS and PHP. For e-commerce, we can support Woo-commerce or Shopify.

Yes, you or your internal admin or marketing team can update the website yourself. We actually recommend that when it comes to small changes to avoid back and forth. We also provide video tutorials and a training call to guide you when your project is complete. Having said that, we can support the site as developers on an on-going basis on demand at an hourly rate if you prefer.

Yes, we currently support many marketing teams on brand side with their design and/or development while they manage content and communications with management.

To compliment our flair for design and development, one of the key reasons clients love working with us is for the way that we work. Our clients always tell us how impressed they are with our ability to read between the lines of the brief, improvise and help them make decisions on the project. This means less time commitment from them, less headaches, and they feel comfortable leaning on us to handle the project where they sit in a review position.

Contact us for a confidential and no obligation strategy chat.

We may find the solution to the problem that’s been on your mind for months in a 10 minute call. In the scenario where we may not be a good fit, we will tell it to you straight and early because we respect your time.