Case Study

Elevated to compete at the top after 10x-ing organic enquiries and growing organic traffic by 442%


Fronto Advisory is an established consulting firm in Australia supporting  businesses in the education, health, aged care and NDIS sectors. Their services include new business registrations, online training, auditing preparation to bespoke consulting. 

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Goals & Problems

The main problem that the team at Fronto Advisory faced was that almost all new business enquiries was coming from word of mouth sources only and the inconsistency in enquiries made it difficult for the business to scale. The business looked to change that.

The business did not have a marketing team let alone a marketing strategy, it only has a simple website for capturing contact forms. This meant that we were building from the ground up.

Our Approach & Results

Comprehensive Digital Strategy

The goal was simple, what opportunities & channels are low hanging fruits and offered the highest potential return on time, effort and investment. We identified this and  developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to capitalise on it.

CRM & Email Marketing

The business also did not have any strategies for capturing new email addresses. We developed a downloadable PDF which we used across the website as a lead magnet and ran Facebook ads with it to capture new email addresses.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

During research, we noticed that Google search was a huge low hanging fruit for Fronto Advisory. The keywords that are related to their services had high volumes of searches.

Based on this insight, we decided to aggressively tackle SEO with the aim to rank the website on high on the search engines. We developed and execute an SEO game plan which involved regular quality blogs and a robust back links strategy to build the website’s credibility.

Every month we searched each keyword on Google and counted where Fronto Advisory’s website was showing up. For example: 25 means Page 3, Rank 5 and 3 means Page 1, Rank 3 (Ranking excludes Google Ads)

Branding & Website

Prior to any campaigns, we began with an audit of the brand and the website. Through insights from the client’s leadership team, the consensus was that the website was not presenting the right first impression of a corporate and trusted enterprise

The website also lacked quality content and was optimised for conversions at all. In the end, the website and rebrand turned out to be a pivotal part in the success of our strategy.

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