Case Study

Over 1,000 leads generated and counting with a strong brand identity


Personalised Support Services is an NDIS Registered Provider in Melbourne who provides support workers for the ethnic community and those with a disability.

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Goals & Problems

Ibrahim and Shahnaz from Personalised Support Services was prepared to scale up investment into marketing as majority of leads and customers were only coming from word of mouth sources only. The competition was fierce. We were up against several local and major providers who were way ahead with their online presence. The goal for our team was to grow the brand’s online presence so it stands on its own against other providers and develop a robust strategy that can cost effectively generate new leads. 

Our Approach & Results

Overall Result

From the September 2021 and fast forward to today, Personalised Support Services has become an Award Winning provider and recognised highly in the community and across Melbourne.

Branded Assets

One of the biggest problems we faced at the beginning was that from the outside, Personalised Support Services looked exactly like every other provider. The images and videos used across the website, marketing materials and ads was the exact same stock photos & videos that 100s of other provider was using. The business had little to non unique assets to differentiate itself and we sought to change. We arranged for photo and video shoots and filmed several  scripted skits which were used (and still used to this date) across the website, Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, printed marketing collaterals.

Some behind the scenes shots!

Facebook Ads

Leveraging the branded assets we produced, we began aggressively marketing using Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads as the main channels. Our strategy was simple, first use the skits we created to drive awareness to the brand and traffic to the website. Follow that up with lead generation campaigns that retargeted website visitors and different types of lookalike audiences.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Through market research, we learnt that location was a very important factor when people with disability were looking for services. No one wanted to find a provider that was on the other side of Melbourne.

Off this insight, our strategy was to make sure Personalised Support Services was always showing up high on the search results when prospective clients were searching for services. This strategy proved to be highly successful in not only driving website traffic, but high quality leads as well.

Every month we searched each keyword on Google and counted where Personalised Support Services’s website was showing up. For example: 25 means Page 3, Rank 5 and 3 means Page 1, Rank 3 (Ranking excludes Google Ads)

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