Case Study

Over 1,100 Online Registrations and 600% in ROI


Antony Lo, also known as The Physio Detective, is a physiotherapist turned international educator. He started My PT Education to inspire and provide world class education to female Health and Fitness Professionals and the general public around the world.

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Goals & Problems

Antony in-person courses has enjoyed much success over the years. However when COVID started, in-person courses  were no longer possible and this significantly impacted sales for his business. 

  • Problem 1: We were engaged to solve one problem. How to digitise his business and sell his course which has now turned online for the first time. The goal was to drive signups to this course (Priced at $1,000).
  • Problem 2: Fast forward and following the success of our marketing campaign, we were also later tasked with the design and development for My PT Education’s website to display and sell their online courses.

Our Approach

The campaign started early April 2020 during COVID where people became conscious about their spending. Given the high ticked priced course, running a normal paid campaign asking people to purchase would not cut it. We needed a strategy to capture prospects and nurture them.

Our strategy was to ‘give give and then ask’. We ran a free online and LIVE webinar that gave Antony’s audience real and tangible value. The free webinar and the content became the reason why they should join the funnel and listen to the sales message at the end. Post webinar, we set up a 5-step email follow up and organic social campaign to nurture our prospects to purchase.


Return on Investment


Registrations to the webinar over the campaign period of 2 weeks.


New email addresses added to the data base for future marketing

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