Case Study

YOZO Finance Increases Leads by 35% With A Targeted Strategy


YOZO Finance is a Sydney  based broker who uses AI to facilitate lending between SMEs and lenders  The company was acquired by an ASX listed company Credit Intelligence in 2020.

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Goals & Problems

Back in 2019, YOZO Finance was new to the industry and were up against many large players in the space. Their goals was to target a specific niche group of SMEs and increase local website traffic, convert traffic into users with buying intent and drive leads.

Our Approach & Results

After a consolidated review of the business’s existing digital marketing efforts on Google and Facebook Ads, which was previously handled by a different agency team, we advised the company to continue with the existing channels but with several changes across all levels from the set up to the strategy to the ad itself. We segmented the market by industry and online behaviours and created targeted ads that relate to each niche and played to the strengths of Google and Facebook Ads. Each step of the user journey was mapped out and configured as conversion points for reporting and campaign testing to find the best performing niche or ad.

The result when compared over a similar period of 90 days and marketing budget was a 12% increase in unique visitors to the site, a 360% increase in the number of interested users and reduced cost per interested user from $78 down to $23, and a 35% increase in the number of online leads.

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